Belated weekend wrap-up: Snow edition

img_5403As many folks on the East Coast know, we dealt with quite the unexpected snow storm over here! In Southern Maryland, we got a whopping nine inches of snow — far and away the most snow we’ve gotten this winter. I took a snow day yesterday to stay home and help dig us all out, and I’m psyched that I had an extra day to work on all the little projects I had planned this past weekend, especially finishing The Anglophile — definitely the worst book I’ve read all year, if not in the past few years. And I don’t make statements like that lightly!

But moving on to more positive matters, we had fun running around in the snow with our dog and getting out on Saturday so my mom and I could fire off some shots for our photography class. I got some good ones, I think! And I’ve been messing around with a lot of new techniques in Photoshop — and some of them are really fun! My favorites, as of late:




I’ll be working on more of them, too! We got a lot of good photos in Chesapeake Beach at the Rod and Reel restaurant. That was all before the blizzard came in.

And when the area was covered in a thick blanket of white, it was time to get to work! But we still had a little time for fun, too. Or our dog did, at least.





3 thoughts on “Belated weekend wrap-up: Snow edition

  1. We have an old, small dog and she didn’t know what to think of the snow. We had to put her under our deck, so she could “take care of business.” I love the B & W photos with the red in them!


  2. Thanks Kathy! Most dogs seem a little confused about snow, I think… Rudy is definitely not a fan, though he had some fun jumping through the snow drifts!


  3. Cool Photoshopping! I especially like the one of you and the flower.

    Wow, you seriously disliked that book! It doesn’t sound like my sort of thing anyway. I just finished up “The Post-Birthday World”, which I liked at first but eventually just found tedious.


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