Everything’s coming up roses… in stitches

So I’m incredibly proud of myself! After thinking about how for all I talk about loving to crochet things, I really only know one stitch — the afghan stitch — that is now patently untrue! Mom sat down with me last night, just like she did when I was little, to show me how to crochet. And I can now make flowers! Yes, real crocheted flowers — using two new stitches! I’m so impressed with myself (and with Mom’s patience and clear direction). I made two purple and two pink, and they’re adorable. I’m already thinking of ideas for my “spring collection” — and all of those will be posted on my Etsy shop when they’re done. If I decide I can actually part with them!

Flowers by AnnieDesign I took photos of the flowers, of course, but then I fell asleep before I could upload them. So I’ll leave you with the beautiful handiwork of Annie Design at right while I ruminate over the new patterns I’m going to create! Mine look very much like these… but I’m going to use all spring colors! I started making a white scarf last night to accompany the flowers. I’m so excited. Learning something new is really inspiring — especially since I’ve been afraid to try a new stitch for years. Fear of failure was once a palpable thing! But now that I’m older and have learned and/or taught myself so many skills, I’m not afraid of anything anymore. In fact, I can say very honestly that I don’t think there’s anything in the world I couldn’t do if I dedicated myself to it. And now that I’ve pumped myself way up, I’m off to keep working and get ready for photography class tonight! Yay!

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