My order is in

Five tractor-trailers delivered more than 100,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to Southern Maryland this past week. So, that’s my order . . . didn’t y’all want any?

samoa_cookietrefoil_cookieAh, Samoas . . . and Trefoils, and Tagalongs! All the mouth-watering chocolate deliciousness . . . It’s easy enough to politely decline to order a few boxes from friends and coworkers in advance, but when the Girl Scout cookies are actually right there in front of you, all lined up on tableclothes and being sold by intrepid, dewy-faced children, you have to be made of stone to refuse any. My dad and I share similar thoughts on this matter, and we’ve both resolved to eat better, drink less (or no) soda and try to cut out the sweets. But we might just be living in a fantasy world . . . I say save the lectures and pass the box, already.

4 thoughts on “My order is in

  1. I am so jealous. I seem to be in a Scout-free zone, despite knowing a number of Scout-aged girls. I hate to say it, but I’m above buying cookies from the girls outside the Shop Rite. In my day, a Scout had to WORK for her sales, going door-to-door, guilting neighbors and distant relatives, not sitting outside a grocery store waiting for the customers to approach them. Sheesh.


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