Don’t go all Boo Radley on me, lady

Nothing gives my snobby, bookish heart more joy than when I overhear a literary reference somewhere dropped casually into popular culture — and I get it! 

So last night I’m watching “Privileged,” the CW show starring Joanna Garcia (of “Reba” fame) as Megan Smith, a young writer who accepts a job tutoring two spoiled rich girls — only to discover that they’re, you know, less spoiled rotten and more searching for guidance, love and meaning in their lives. Oh, the plight of the rich. Regardless, last night’s episode featured Megan getting scared by her boss, who appeared behind a doorway to speak with her privately. Megan jumped sky high and said accusingly, “You didn’t have to go all Boo Radley on me.”

kill_mockingbirdYay! To Kill A Mockingbird! I win at literature!

Okay — in the grand scheme of literary references, Boo Radley would be a fairly easy one for most folks to spot. If you didn’t have to read Harper Lee’s classic tale of childhood and race in America as a high school freshman, you’ve probably heard something about it since then. But it still makes me happy when I can easily “get” the jokes, and when the book references click instantly in my brain. I feel as though I’ve . . . accomplished something?

But while I’m on the subject of “Privileged,” that is a darn good show! I wasn’t really sold on the premise but, after learning it was based on Zoey Dean’s novel How To Teach Filthy Rich Girls, I gave it a shot. Now my family and I watch it faithfully! It’s just a really cute show about a 20-something writer trying to establish herself, get along with her friends and family and forge a future of which she’ll be proud. Sound familiar? And hey, she has my name — it has to be a good show!

Anyone else find some unexpected literary references in their everyday lives? Sometimes they sneak up on you . . .

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