What time is it? Time for you to get a… cell phone!

I don’t think I’ve worn a watch in more than five years. If I’m at work, I have access to no less than four digital clocks at any given time: the little numbers in the bottom righthand of my screen; the clock on my work phone; my cell phone face; and a digital clock on the wall to my right.

My mom marvels at the fact that I walk around totally watch-less, but who really needs a watch when they have their cell phones? It’s really like a tic for me — I check my cell phone constantly. And do I actually call people? Rarely, other than the perfunctory “I’m on my way home” dials. I’m all about the lightning-fast texting! Plus I have a moderate case of phone phobia (or “telephobia,” apparently), crazy as that may be!

5 thoughts on “What time is it? Time for you to get a… cell phone!

  1. I’m with you, Meg! I’ve been watchless for the last 6 years or so, except for when I was doing therapy sessions in grad school (thought the time was probably an important element there.) With digital clocks everywhere, and the fact that hubby always wears a watch (because male accessorizing is pretty much limited to ties, watches, and cuff links—he has at least 6 watches), and we both have cell phone, I never need to wear one.


  2. I always have a watch on. I recently had to get a new one because I dropped my old one on the floor when I went to put it back on after doing the dishes, and when it hit the tile all the numbers fell off the face. But that’s okay because my new one has an orange face, and orange is my favorite color. Like Rebecca said, we guys don’t get to accessorize much …


  3. I’m totally the same way. I never wear a watch. I find myself checking the time on my phone even when I don’t really need to know the time. I also use my phone as my alarm clock. Seriously, it pretty much does everything (too bad it can’t make me breakfast too).


  4. I wear a watch, but I also check my phone a little too frequently. I think I have some disorder where I need to know what time it is constantly.

    I hear you about the phone-phobia. I think I suffer a mild case of that, too. We should form a support group. All communication would be done by email or snail mail. No phones allowed.


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