Let’s close work two hours early

snow_newspaperI’d heard the rumblings over the past few days that we were going to be getting some snow today, but we hear that a lot in Maryland — and it rarely comes to pass. When I woke up this morning, though, that tiny bubble of excitement began to expand in my chest… until I realized that no, despite the treacherous roads and people who can barely drive when it’s sunny, let alone snowy, I do have to be at work today. My tires spun a mere two or three times, letting me drift slightly over to the shoulder, and my heart was hammering so badly in my chest I almost pulled over. (Pulling over would have been a decent idea, save the fact that everyone else was spinning, too.)

So my ten minute commute to work became a thirty or thirty-five minute commute, but I did make it — and I’ll live to lay out pages another day! Pulled my wipers straight out, locked up my car and waded through the few inches of snow in the parking lot to get to the office. I sit all day in a windowless room, so I’ll pop out in a bit to see what’s going on. I think the worst of the snow was coming through in the morning, and we should be clearing up by the afternoon. I definitely hope so — girl’s gotta get some lunch!

I took a few photos this morning but haven’t uploaded them yet. I’ll leave you with the image above — my newspaper in a fresh snow almost exactly one year ago today! I felt far more excited then than I do now. It’s sad when you reach an age that the sight of snowflakes produces little but trepidation, worry and anxiety over… being able to continue with our everyday lives, uninterrupted. Ah, to be young again — the public schools in my county are closing two hours early! If we had a “half day” at work… now that would be exciting.

4 thoughts on “Let’s close work two hours early

  1. I’m with you, sister: forever stuck in a land of promised snow. I’m expecting to get the remnants of what is hitting you now. There is a winter storm warning in effect for our area tonight and tomorrow (upgraded from a winter storm WATCH, thank you very much), but I’ve learned to take little credence in the promises of a meteorologist. It’s easier on the soul not to constantly get one’s hopes up, only to have them dashed by unseasonable warmth. *sigh*


  2. if i don’t get a snow day tomorrow i’m going to CRY. the fun part is that i’m one of the people the other administrators call at 5am to ask for my input on the decision. you know what i’m going to say!!!


  3. I remember one time back in New York, they were calling for four to six inches of snow, and this storm ended up dumping like three feet. Even after the first two feet or so fell, my office wouldn’t close because we were “supposed” to get less than a foot, even though clearly we were going to get buried. By the time they finally let everybody go the parking lot and roads were impassable and the maintenance guy had to pull people out of the lot with his snow plow. Good times …


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