‘Yours Is a Very Bad Hotel’


This has nothing to do with writing, books, eating or John Mayer — the topics on which I typically seem to post — but I have to share the hilarity of it, anyway! Apparently it’s been circulating since a frustrating hotel room mix-up was experienced by two gentlemen in 2001, but it’s still bringing the LOLs today. Check out the PowerPoint presentation posted on Snopes about two Seattle-based travelers who arrived at a DoubleTree Club Hotel at 2 a.m. to find their “confirmed” room reservation had actually morphed into no room — and no alternate accomodations were made by Mike, the dismissive and unapologetic night clerk. It’s been uploaded as a series of still frames, so you don’t need PowerPoint up to view the stills.

I love that these two (rightfully) disgruntled customers wouldn’t settle for writing some strongly-worded letter to Mr. or Ms. “General Manager,” and took the time to create actual graphs and timelines about the injustice of it all!


And the title just makes me giggle. Hopefully Tom and Shane have had much more restful, non-smoking trips since then!

And happy Sunday, everyone!

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