New tea lattes at Starbucks

tea_lattesStarbucks never ceases to come up with amazingly enticing drinks and drag me, cold and unwilling to part with my cash, into their cafes! The newest creation? Tazo Tea Lattes featuring flavors as delicious-sounding as Apple Chai, London Fog and Vanilla Rooibos. Can I even pronounce “Rooibos”? No. Will that stop me from storming in this weekend, passing over my awesome coupon for a free drink and my handy gift card from Nichole? Absolutely not! Being the ridiculous Anglophile that I am, I’m sure I’ll take photos with my “London Fog” drink, too.

I’ll report back with my in-depth drink analysis and photo shoot pics. And in order to have a truly comprehensive discussion, I just might have to try all three! Let’s do this.

2 thoughts on “New tea lattes at Starbucks

  1. tea latte?! what will they come up with next? i don’t even drink caw-fee (i’m from jersey, remember?). the only thing i order in starbucks is a hot chocolate (skim with whip–i know you love the irony there). let me know how the latte tea thing goes down.


  2. I tried the London Fog the other day – different, but good. I like rooibos teas in general (I pronounce it roy-bus, but I’m not sure if that’s correct), especially the vanilla and tropical fruit flavors.


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