write meg! gets around, pt. 2

When I logged in to WordPress last night to check out my blog stats (as I often do, I won’t lie), I nearly fell out of my seat when I noticed my visits had skyrocketed. Meg Cabot, my favorite author, posted a link to my review of Forever Princess on her blog! I am . . . ecstatic! Meg (Queen Meg C., as I’ll call her, since I’m also Meg!) says:

Meanwhile, I couldn’t help tearing up at this lovely Forever Princess review that someone sent me, and then doing the same thing over this one, too.

Yes, and “this one” is — me! You’re here!

My favorite author read my review of her book — and teared up! And felt compelled to post about it on her blog. My skin is leaping! I’m having a hard time sitting still! But now I need to regain some self-control, pace around my office quietly and get back to work. But I had to post.

[ / end incredibly excited adolescent gushing ]

But before I do that, let me thank Becca for the lovely award she gave me yesterday! I greatly appreciate it.


I’m off to do some more squealing — and crank out a few pages for the newspaper! Let’s see if I can regain my compsoure by lunchtime!

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