Good karma, good books That’s right — it’s officially Buy A Friend A Book Week! I know, I’m a little late — it actually began last week, I guess. But I’m joining in the fun while I still can! My sudden flu made me lose track of many things, including my planned participation in this event — but I made it!

revolutionary_roadIn honor of those momentuous week that asks us to “buy a friend a book for no good reason,” I got my coworker Sandy a copy of Revolutionary Road — the movie tie-in edition, no less. We were talking about it at work last week, I told her how much I enjoyed reading it in a college course I took years ago (it was actually one of our “texts”!) and she asked to borrow mine. I’ve held on to it all these years, as I do with all the books I love.

So I did her one better: I picked up one for her instead. Yay for the spreading of great literature!

Anyone else celebrating with me? You still have today!

3 thoughts on “Good karma, good books

  1. I’m a cheap bitch, so I won’t be buying anyone a book except myself. However, I have definatly been feeling like reading a good romance novel. Hmm…I’ll have to head over to Barnes & Nobel.


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