Christmas wrap-up

Hoping everyone had an awesome — and restful! — holiday! This Sunday I’m still emerging from overeating and overchatting (is that a word?), but I’m slowly getting all of my photos together and putting down the books and Wii controllers long enough to reflect.

A few of my greatest gifts? A new pink iPod Nano (fourth generation, for all the Apple lovers out there), as well as a new Dooney & Bourke purse (signature multi-colored fabric, so pretty!) and the Aldo purse I was lusting after! My sister knows me too well.


We spent lots of time with family — and continue to; my grandmother is coming by this afternoon! — and ate lots of good food. We talked; we watched movies; we bowled on Wii. And my four-and-a-half day weekend is rapidly drawing to a close. I’ll enjoy the rest of my Sunday and hope you all do as well! I’ll leave with you with some photos from the holidays as we prepare to ring in 2009!


Rudy and his reindeer antlers!





Looking at new gadgets

Looking at new gadgets

Palmer and me

Palmer and me



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