How I spent my rainy Friday

After failing to properly budget my leave this year, I’ve actually found myself with . . . extra leave. I know, it’s a terrible dilemma! Except it actually has been hard to figure out when I could leave work without my projects crumbling up before the holidays. Thankfully I have some great co-workers and we’ve all reached a peaceful resolution!

I left work at noon today, got home and promptly pulled on a hoodie. Then I set about doing . . . whatever. I watched back-to-back episodes of “Divorce Court,” “Judge David Young,” “Judge Alex,” “Judge Joe Brown” and, of course, “Judge Judy.” I’m clearly a sucker for court shows! And I can’t even remember the last time I was able to spend a whole afternoon lounging around watching crazy people squabble over rent and car accidents.

And I got to work on a few other projects, like . . .


sending out mail and . . .


crocheting a secret gift!
(That hopefully remains secret a little longer.)

And I was incredibly excited when my dad brought in the mail today! An enormous package with my name on it arrived from Louisiana. Palmer’s father and stepmother sent gorgeous gifts, and they came at the perfect time — it’s been a really dark, dreary week. I was going to wait until Christmas to open them, per my boyfriend’s instructions, but decided my life needed a spot of sunshine and tore them open!

Well, I didn’t tear them open. The package was too pretty!


And everything in it was . . . pink! My favorite color in the world. They know me too well!


Very exciting. Thank you so much!

Everyone have a great weekend! If you’re anywhere along the Eastern Seaboard, it’s promising to be quite wet. Be careful!