Latest baking victory: Holiday cupcakes

Our office holiday party was Friday! And I actually made something other than brownies and pasta salad. To be honest, I was planning on making brownies — until I discovered we didn’t have any of the ingredients at home. At nine at night. The evening before the party.

So, in working with what was available, I found a white cake mix in the pantry. After Mom walked me through properly blending some of the ingredients together, I quickly had a batch of goo to pop in the oven. Twenty minutes later, my goo had magically become fluffy yellow cupcakes — and I had the perfect holiday frosting to make them look festive! I had to “borrow” the green frosting and sprinkles from Mom, who was planning on using them herself for the holiday party, but everything turned out all right.





With the finished product!

With the finished product!

And here were my creations at the dessert table:


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