May the Slanket be with you

slanketYes, this thing will make you look like a girly Star Wars cast member. It’s long, it’s drapey, and it will probably cause enough static cling to power the electricity of a high-rise building. But the Slanket — a new product constantly touted on QVC, the shopping channel — promises to be . . . warm. It’s a wearable blanket.

I just can’t get over how silly it sounds. Every time someone says “Slanket” on TV, I giggle mercilessly with my sister. This new, deluxe version of the network’s top-rated Original Slanket — the “wearable blanket.”

Yeah, I’ve heard of those before . . . warm; cover your body; tie in the front or back. . . aren’t they, like, robes?!


I guess I shouldn’t really tease the Slanket — the Slanket could be awesome. It could be my constant companion when I sit in the drafty living room, trying to read a novel without my fingertips freezing off. It could be a gorgeous fabric addition to the couch, covering up stains and other wear that may (or may not) exist, particularly from my dog. It may also absorb Rudy’s pet hair and keep the carpet remotely clean as, it just over five feet tall, anything I wear will inevitably drag on the floor.

In short, the Slanket could change my life. And it’s gotten pretty favorable online reviews!

Christmas is coming . . .

Check out the wearable blanket love on QVC. The Slanket Deluxe will set you back about $27.

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