A cup o’ tea for Stacy

I had the all-time surprise of the month when my friend Stacy showed up in my office yesterday — fresh off a plane from London! Sadly, she was in town for a funeral, but we managed to have a really nice catch-up over dinner. She’s visiting for the next few days from England, where she’s getting her Master’s degree at “university.” I miss her so much! But at least I got to hear about all of her awesome British adventures. I was slightly disappointed to learn she hasn’t been drinking any hot tea — she’s not a fan — but she has had many adventures on the Tube and other fascinating London locations. And I was crazy excited feed my Anglophilia via a real, live person!


We thought it fitting to pose in front of the grand ol’ flag and President-elect Barack Obama — that photo is the lovely handiwork of Brandon.

And after months of putting it off, I finally convinced someone to help me hang all of my London memorabilia in my office! Most of it was a gift from my sister for my birthday. Lest you think I’m joking about my British obsession (though at this point, I don’t know how you would!), I present to you Exhibit 18256:


Big Ben and all of my Post-Its will now be close at hand!