Thanksgiving weekend wrap-up

Although it’s still hard for me to process, Thanksgiving has come and gone — but it was great! As always, my family outdid themselves. I always wish I could have a fraction of that delicious food for later in the week, but somehow the magic isn’t quite the same after the holiday! We did have plenty of leftover potatoes, ham and turkey, though. And pumpkin pie, of course. My sister brought home an entire dessert from her boyfriend’s great family! In fact, that reminds me . . . I think there may be some left . . .


Black Friday turned out to be pretty low-key at the store — I got in, cleaned up a bunch of stuff and headed on home.The bookstore wasn’t very busy at all, quite a contrast to years past. I know all retailers are afraid of what this holiday season will (or won’t) bring, and from what I could tell the shopping situation is pretty bleak. It didn’t feel like a major shopping day at all. Bad for the store, but good for me — I didn’t have to deal with many irritable customers. I did have a minor incident in the Kids department, but nothing to rank in my Top 10 Worst Customer stories!

As the weekends quickly shuffle by, dwindling down to just a handful before Christmas, my family and I decided to go ahead and put up the tree this past weekend while we were all home and relatively free to do so. Once everyone chipped in, it wasn’t quite the undertaking I imagined it would be. Still tiring, but okay! And now we get to sit back and enjoy all of our handiwork in the weeks leading up to the big day. Preferably with a mug of hot chocolate!



3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving weekend wrap-up

  1. I spent Black Friday running on the treadmill with the audio book on. 🙂 I avoid the stores altogether and take my time doing Christmas shopping. This year I try to buy books only for gifts.


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