26 days; 292 pages; 83,385 words


Twenty-six days,
292 double-spaced pages,
83,385 words.

My novel is done! My NaNoWriMo project is complete!

nano_08_winner_largeNow, as people often ask me, does that mean it’s any good? I don’t know. It’s definitely a rough draft — emphasis on the rough — but I know I have something here. It just feels good to finish a book . . . there’s nothing quite like wrapping up a crazed, elaborate tale and writing “the end” evenly at the bottom. I’ve now finished three novels in the past year and feel sincerely accomplished. Now, if only I could track down a literary agent interested in representing a silly 23-year-old chick lit writer in D.C. How many of us could there possibly be, right? I know, a million. But it’s okay — I’ll surge proudly onward and outward! As James Morrison would say, “I’m not lost — just undiscovered.”

My progress this year:


7 thoughts on “26 days; 292 pages; 83,385 words

  1. Congratulations! The hard part is over! That has got to be a great feeling.

    At just over 30,000 this morning, I’ve resigned myself to the likely possibility that I won’t finish this year – unless I miraculously churn out 20,000 in the next week. Either way, though, I’m happy that I got much farther this year than I did last time.


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