Let’s go way back — into fan fiction!

In a fine example of how you should absolutely always be careful about what you put online because it never really goes away, Brandon sent me a link to an archives site . . . an archive of the entire Internet. Yes! They’re archiving the ENTIRE INTERNET on the Wayback Machine!

Don’t believe me? Here’s a link to megan’s space of hitz, a Hanson fan site I started in 1998. I was twelve! It’s been defunct for at least five years — probably longer. I can’t begin to tell you the sense of nostalgia this produced . . . let’s just say it was insane! And this is excellent ammunition for anyone who would someday like to blackmail me. Here, let me help you!


I was an incredibly dedicated Hanson fan — and, later, an incredibly dedicated ‘NSYNC fan. And I’ve been writing books since I was a kid. I now give you the greatest ammunition of all . . . a little thing called Love You Latte. I would have provided the link through the Wayback Machine, but it turns out the book is still there! All 63 chapters! In case you’re a touch confused, I used to go by the handle “gems” — it’s “Meg” backwards, plus a little “s” there. And let me just say, I once considered myself Miss Thing in the ‘NSYNC fan fiction world! Whew. In all seriousness, I was really proud of that story. I haven’t gone back to read any of it — I’m sure it’s more than a little cringe-inducing — but I was very proud that I sat down and worked so tirelessly on something in high school. I had such a thrill working on that tome! And with more than 100,000 hits, I guess I did all right.

But no, I no longer respond to e-mail addressed to “Justin’s Sugarbaby.” Sad, right? I don’t know when Justin Timberlake stopped being the No. 1 man in my life, but I’m tracing it to somewhere around my sixteenth birthday.

Okay, that’s enough going “way back” for today . . . I’m going to stay firmly ensconced in 2008 for a little while! And start my weekend now!

3 thoughts on “Let’s go way back — into fan fiction!

  1. Ouch – I was too old for either Hansen or N’Sync. I must admit to a December/May crush on Backstreet Boys however. Took my oldest daughter to their Millenium concert when she was 10. I’m not sure which of us had more fun.

    Kim J.


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