Tuesday Thingers: Stuff we (should) all get?

Today’s question from the Boston Bibliophile:

LT Things — t-shirts, bags, cue cats — are you into the “stuff”? Do you use a cuecat to enter your books, or do you enter them manually? What do you think of the stuff?

I admit it — I’m a “stuff” person. Judging by my other “pack rat” posts, I’m sure that’s not hard to decide! When the NaNoWriMo shirts were first unveiled, I could barely type my little fingers fast enough to order one (size L — they always shrink, don’t they?!).

I don’t have any LibraryThing stuff, though. I don’t even know what a cuecat is. I’m assuming it’s a scanner like the one we’d use at work to “scan out” massive quantities of books, sending them on their sad trip back to the warehouse. That sounds pretty fun and useful if you have a huge collection of books to enter! I usually put mine in one or two at a time, manually typing in the ISBNs from the back of the book if it’s handy. Though I don’t have a T-shirt or totebag yet, I won’t say I’ll never venture into that SWAG sort of realm! I still have a T-shirt my dad got me when Amazon.com first launched years ago.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Thingers: Stuff we (should) all get?

  1. I’m not extremely into book swag, but I do collect bookmarks. So the printable LT bookmarks really interested me. Other than that, probably only the tote bag would be something I might actually buy. The Cue-cat was a huge help back when we were entering a lot of newer books with barcodes, but now I’m mostly adding older books. So these days, the Cat just sits in a drawer looking cute.


  2. I’m a “stuff” person, too! The only reason I can get rid of my books (through BookMooch and PaperbackSwap) is because I know they’re going to someone who really wants them. Everything else I keep stuffing into boxes, hoping things don’t get too out of hand.

    Here’s the LT CueCat page, btw. There’s pictures!


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