Birthdays, anniversaries — all in a weekend’s work

Whew! I’m coming off a food and sugar high of fabulous eating and family time this weekend. Yesterday was my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary and we celebrated with a wonderful dinner, a fantastic cake (made by my grandmother herself — and with her original cake topper!) and tons of presents.

Everything went incredibly well! As always, I loaded up on tons of desserts. Here’s a sample of what we bit into last night:

As always, it seems too pretty to eat! But we did, of course.
After taking tons of photos.

My grandparents (right) on their wedding day -- Oct. 25, 1958

My grandparents (right) on their wedding day -- Oct. 25, 1958

Today was more fun and excitement — I met my boyfriend’s kind and gracious father, visiting from Louisiana, for the first time. Lunch was fun and light and we ambled home with enough time to get ready for the birthday party for my grandmother and cousin Ciara. After I burned my photo CDs and whatnot, we left for more eating, presents and deliciousness.

Ciara got lots of Jonas Brothers and “High School Musical” goodies, including an awesome bag my sister and Mom found on our trip to Rehoboth Beach in August. We plan ahead!

Here was a taste of dinner:

Andddd here was dessert!:

And YES — that’s more pumpkin pie! And my aunt and uncle surprised us with this, already Photoshopped for your convenience:

Pumpkin ice cream. I do have a guardian angel.