end of a retail era

Last night was pretty monumental for me — after five years (and two at my bookstore), my career in retail is over. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I would see this day . . . even after I graduated from college and took my editor position at the newspaper, I couldn’t give up my part-time stint at the store.

The time has come, though. My life is different, the store has evolved, so many co-workers have come and gone . . . after years of waving goodbye and throwing them parties and presenting cakes, it was my turn.

It was definitely an unassuming affair, though. Through all the turmoil, crazy customers, long hours and insanely busy events, my exit was devoid of fanfare. Times like that make you wonder why you really remained so loyal for so long . . . but I don’t want to reflect with bitterness on anything! I loved working at the bookstore, loved my friends and co-workers, and will sincerely miss helping (most) people who came in looking for a book to get them through a bad break-up, help with a school paper, shed some insight into a new faith or governmental practice or just lose themselves in a good story.

Obviously, I love words . . . reading them, writing them, reflecting on them. So I might not be practically living over at the store anymore, but my memories and love of books will stay with me forever.

Yes, I cried a little! It’s hard saying goodbye . . . strange, difficult. I’ll still be swinging by, though — I’m on tap for events and other special days if help is needed.

And because I have the greatest family ever, they threw me an “unemployment / you got promoted” party — I quit my part-time job after getting my promotion to editor at the paper. So, like everything, you take the bitter with the sweet!

And we had some sweets to complement that!

They even lit a candle for me. My sister said I had to make a “career-related” wish, considering it was a “career-oriented” Halloween cake. Love it!

And there’s nothing like drowning your bittersweet sorrows in cake!