Booking Through Thursday: Sitting on my shelf

book_through This week’s Booking Through Thursday question comes from an article by Christopher Schoppa of The Washington Post, who relayed this story:

“Avid readers know all too well how easy it is to acquire books — it’s the letting go that’s the difficult part. … During the past 20 years, in which books have played a significant role in both my personal and professional lives, I’ve certainly had my fair share of them (and some might say several others’ shares) in my library. Many were read and saved for posterity, others eventually, but still reluctantly, sent back out into the world.

But there is also a category of titles that I’ve clung to for years, as they survived numerous purges, frequent library donations and countless changes of residence. I’ve yet to read them, but am absolutely certain I will. And should. When, I’m not sure, as I’m constantly distracted by the recent, just published and soon to be published works.”

In that vein, then, the BTT question is this:
“What tomes are waiting patiently on your shelves?”

I have several sitting around, unread, that I just can’t seem to let go! As an avid fan of Jane Austen, I’m truly ashamed to tell you I haven’t finished Pride & Prejudice since I was a sophomore in high school — and I don’t really count that, because I was a little more concerned with the guy I had a crush on in English or History class than learning about the social norms and eloquence of Mr. Darcy.

Next up on my list would be Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss — I got it as a promo from work and haven’t ever settled myself down enough to get through it. I’ve heard the reviews were mixed, but I’m willing to give it a shot . . . someday.

I also have Ian McEwan’s Atonement waiting to be finished (absolutely loved the film and James McAvoy, but haven’t gotten around to wrapping up the novel); Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love In the Time of Cholera; Jon Spence’s Austen biography Becoming Jane Austen; Stephenie Meyer’s The Host; and probably countless others I can’t recall for lack of emotional connection to them!

Like all avid readers, I’m constantly forcing myself to not purchase books in an effort to pull ahead on my never-ending to be read stack . . . but this rarely works out. As soon as I see a great ARC at work or a fascinating book just released in paperback or that one novel my friend has been recommending for ages or . . . or . . . It’s a never-ending struggle!