Monster biscuits return as… pancakes!

I gave myself some time to cool off a bit following a less-than-stellar cooking experience last week, but I think I’ve had enough time to recover. All the same, I wanted to take it slow . . . ease myself back into trying not to screw up dinner! I decided to make some cheddar biscuits that seemed to go over well last time — and they still turned out okay, though slightly cylindrical in shape!

Uh oh . . .

Uh oh . . .

I used the same Bisquick recipe as last time, courtesy of Kelly. They’re for cheddar garlic biscuits, made using low fat ingredients instead of the full-fledged good stuff. All I needed was heart healthy Bisquick (2 cups), 2/3 cup of skim milk, and a cup of shredded, low-fat cheddar cheese. I baked the biscuits for about ten minutes at 450 degrees, then made a butter spread (margarine, though) with some garlic powder sprinkled in. The spread was spread (ha!) on the warm biscuits after I pulled them out of the oven.

Yes, well, that sounded so nice, quaint and domestic, right? In all honesty, I used too much milk in my mixture and wound up with a Bisquick soup rather than a dough. I poured more powder mix in to try and sop up some of the liquid, which meant I was suddenly making far more biscuits than I originally intended . . . but the BF likes them a lot, so he can have some for breakfast!

I tried to “pour” some of the dough on a cookie sheet, but it was way too messy and wet to stay in one shape. It spread out like . . . well, like a pancake!

And, behold:

Monster cheddar pancake!

Monster cheddar pancake!

Thankfully I did have enough reasoning to figure out that system wasn’t really going to work. I found some muffin cups, poured the remaining dough in and baked those with the pancakes. Everything turned out really good, even if a bit haphazard!

But such is my culinary life as of late. Next time: more cheese, less milk, more garlic powder! And lots of low-fat, not-really-butter, please!

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