Skip the brownies — go for the batter

Why is it that brownie batter tastes so much better than the brownies themselves ever could?

Seriously. If you’re having a bad day, fix yourself up some brownie batter. Instant mood lifter! And if I’m ingesting the calories anyway,
I’d rather ingest them in just such a form.

My brownies at today’s “dessert extravaganza” for Leslie, my friend and boss, went extremely well. The only sad part is that after throwing her a “goodbye” party, we actually have to say goodbye.


But I have photos of Dessert Gathering Blowout ’08 to come!


One thought on “Skip the brownies — go for the batter

  1. Im guilty of doing this as well, I seem to unconsciously eat half of the brownie batter 🙂 Well, it’s getting chilly this time of the year, and its the perfect excuse to start firing up that oven and baking some bread. Here is an easy Cheddar Dill Scones Recipe you have to try that I discovered at (there is also some easy recipes on this blog that you might like as well) Cheers!

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