Fall party food & sunsets

Another successful family birthday party! My grandmother never fails to pull off a really fun bash. We celebrated my uncle’s big day, which is actually Tuesday . . . but who can get together during the work week? Needless to say, the food was delicious. I ate way too much but can hardly contain myself with “party food” all spread out before me. As my mother always says, “It tastes so good because you never make it for yourself!” And this, apparently, is true.

We spent much of the afternoon watching the Cartoon Network’s old “Goosebumps” re-runs from the mid ’90s with my 11-year-old cousin — a surefire good time. And hey, the Redskins beat the Eagles today! So the gentlemen were all happy — including my dad, who’s on his way back from Philly.

We stopped by the cemetery on our way home to visit my uncle and watched another gorgeous sunset over Southern Maryland. Snapped about 60 pictures, which surprises even me!

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  1. Hey did you guys see the episode when the kid gets that Halloween mask that gets stuck to his head and he can’t get it off. that was my favorite GB’s


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