Purses, beautiful purses . . .

Fridays are dangerous. And times you have Internet access (and a credit card) on Fridays are incredibly dangerous! And times we’re in an economic slump and you really should be watching your expenditures and not blowing them on Aldo purses are extremely

Okay, you follow.

Better go get lunch before I get myself in massive trouble.

2 thoughts on “Purses, beautiful purses . . .

  1. Have you discovered 1154 Lill? (www.1154lill.com) They have a bazillion different basic purse designs, and you custom select the fabrics to make your very own one-of-a-kind bag. I went to their boutique in Kansas City (where I grew up) and went so crazy that I made clutches for all of my bridesmaids and designed a big everyday bag for myself. It’s fun in the store, but I’m sure you could go crazy on the site as well.


  2. Wow, thanks for sharing! What gorgeous bags. I’m going to have to behave myself and stay far away for now, though! But Christmas is coming . . . and I will need gifts . . . 🙂


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