Irish kitteh luvs to . . . be included?

So I’ve been totally obsessed with the I Can Has Cheezburger? website for about a year now. It’s a bit of a strange obsession considering I am really not a cat person . . . honestly, they scare me. The closest I’ll ever come to them is when I’m catsitting for my neighbor, and even then I try and keep a healthy distance between Buddy the Cat and me.

But the photos are hilarious! And the “lolspeak” is likewise hilarious. The boyfriend and I frequently joke with one another in our newly-acquired language, and I’ve found myself playing barking to co-workers at the bookstore, “Yep, you can has it!”

I’m sure my English professors would give me a quick smack with a linguistics book if they ever heard me mouthing off in grammatically incorrect, random phrases like that, but no matter. This is why it’s great to be in the “real world”!

So anyway — I digress (yet again). The I Can Has Cheezburger? website has now published a book with some of the site’s “greatest hits” as well as never-before-seen images. We had the book in the warehouse of the bookstore the other night and, as another perk to my bookselling job, I got to take a peek at it before we lugged it out to the selling floor (the book releases Oct. 7, if you’re interested). This is usually the case — with the exception of “major” laydown books like Harry Potter and Breaking Dawn, which come sealed in massive packages and can only be opened under penalty of a swift death.

I got crazy excited thinking, vainly, that maybe my lolcat image (“irish kitteh luvs to jig”) had made it into the book — it’s been fairly popular on the site. Well, sadly, it was not part of the collection! This after I searched through nearly the whole book quickly, stifling a few laughs and rushing back off to the floor to, you know, do my job.

Well, maybe next collection! And I’ll continue to read the site faithfully with my Diet Pepsi Max every morning at my desk, chuckling to myself and minimizing the screen as soon as co-workers pass by!

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