Meredith better make a choice already

May contain spoilers!

My sister and I have been dedicated “Grey’s Anatomy” fans from episode one — and I’ve kept up with the show through thick and thin. Now in its fifth season, I’m beginning to see some of the signs of wear on the plotlines, characters and themes, but hey — we’re dedicated! I’m willing to wait this one out and see the sunshine again.

Last night was the two-hour season premiere and, to my disappointment, it aired alongside the premiere of “The Office” (don’t tell me any spoilers, I have it Tivoed!). Kate and I opted for “Grey’s” to help us launch back into the storylines.

I don’t know if it’s like this for anyone else (I’m assuming it is), but I’m beginning to really get tired of Meredith’s emotional unavailability. Yeah, she says she’s trying to grow and change and be more willing to accept Derek’s love in her life, but I’m checking the vitals of their relationship — it ain’t lookin’ good. Last night she asks him to move in with her, only to temporarily rethink and rescind the invitation, and then asks again — and apparently, he’s accepted. They’re packing up boxes at the end of the two hours, but the look on her face says everything. She looks like she’s in pain.

How much longer can we stretch this out?

Are they or aren’t they? Marry or don’t marry? Children — no children? Living together, living apart? I know this has been the main tension of the show from the get-go, but I have to admit that even as a diehard “Grey’s” fan, it’s wearing on me.

And who would really put up with that for so long? They’ve broken up countless times, seen other people, were together without being intimate, then were spending time apart . . . that’s enough to make you want to move to another continent to get away from the drama.

On a lighter note, the premier of “Ugly Betty” was super fabulous! Betty is pretty much my hero. While I’m certainly not working in New York City at a top fashion magazine (and neither is she anymore, apparently), Betty is a courageous, self-assured and motivated young woman fighting for what she wants — to be a successful writer (that’s certainly something I can understand). And I’m really liking the new plot twists with Betty getting her own place downtown, leaving behind Henry and Gio (they were both substandard) and the endless drama with the management of Mode magazine. And Mark is pretty much my favorite character ever.

Thursdays are back — sweet!