Beginner’s cooking with Meg: Spaghetti & meat sauce

So in an effort to become more and more of an adult — and so my parents will begin to stop worrying that I’m going to starve once I move out of the house — I’ve slowly begun taking over small cooking responsibilities around dinnertime. Since I love spaghetti and it’s reasonably simple to throw together, that’s been my pet project lately . . . and tonight, things turned out well!

You know, it certainly wasn’t a masterpiece . . . but my basic cooking skills are improving! Tonight I figured out how to defrost ground turkey, whip together a tomato sauce with garlic, heated some green beans and stuck frozen biscuits in the oven. Again, not nearly a culinary treasure — but hot, filling and pretty tasty.

Once I leave my second job and and more “time” on my hands, I definitely want to get heavier into cooking. Like most people, I love food — and my parents are both tired of cooking after preparing 28 years of meals in a time crunch.

So here’s to jumping into the culinary world without any real idea what I’m doing . . . but armed with lots of Food Network knowledge. I can’t get enough “Good Eats”!

My culinary weapons!

The finished project

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  1. I’m hooked on Alton Brown, too! My hubby and I watch him most nights right before we fall asleep. It’s a weird ritual, but it works for us. I highly recommend his cookbooks…they’re informative, and the recipes are hearty and basic.


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