Sunset in Southern Maryland

For some reason, I don’t often find myself out at dusk . . . I guess I’m the opposite of vampiric! I was actually walked up from the street to my house a few days ago and happened to notice and find the sunset particularly beautiful. It’s the light filtering in as the air gets cooler — like when the sky is so blue in autumn, it hurts your eyes. Though I have to say that this past summer, to me, has been more “fall”-like than ever before . . . Summers in D.C. are usually disgusting, thick and putrid, but this year was certainly the exception to that rule . . . I spent most of my time feeling really chilly both in and out of work.

But back to sunsets! They’re gorgeous. My mom loves taking photos of twilight, dusk and sundown more than anything else, probably — and it’s wearing off on me. I love it too.