Slapping on the silver style

I love, love, LOVE these earrings from QVC, my guilty pleasure — they’re the embodiment of my absolute favorite look: bold, simplistic silver style.

After I graduated from college, got a “real” job and could no longer get away with wearing my University of Maryland hoodies all over the place, my sister convinced me I need to get a more “together” look. Working in an office where business-casual is the norm but often leans more toward the “casual” than “business,” I’ve slowly been figuring out how to adapt my own outfits to fit “me” but still look professional — without overdoing it.

On any given day at work, you’ll probably find me in some sort of black. I love the look of black, white and red together — and usually rock that color palette a few times a week (like today). I usually pair sleek black slacks, black heels and a black top with some sort of outrageous pop of color around my neck — either a huge beaded necklace or, in the case mentioned above, seriously silver earrings. I’m a bit sparse in some of my clothing and color choices, but I like that about me.

That’s just for work, though. Outside of work? Yeah, I’m still rocking the UMD hoodie! Or, since I’ve upgraded from undergrad to alum, my classic white UMD alumni T-shirt. Classy!