National Book Festival . . . or lack thereof

The wonderful Marisa de los Santos

I’m so bummed I have to work on Saturday and can’t make it to the National Book Festival downtown. On Saturday, Sept. 27, more than 70 authors are gathering on the Mall to read, sign their books and talk with readers through the afternoon.

I was super excited to see both Geraldine Brooks and Marisa de los Santos will be there, though I’ll be spending all day in an air-conditioned bookstore . . . and not out in the sunshine, talking about some of my favorite books with their authors! I just finished Brooks’ Year of Wonders and can’t stop raving about De los Santos’ Love Walked In and Belong To Me. I can’t praise her books highly enough — Belong To Me is definitely the sort of book that changes your perspectives on family, on relationships, on unconditional love and friendship. I know that’s a grand generalization gone horribly wrong, but I don’t know how to describe it other than to say . . . It’s amazing. Pick up one or both, but definitely give De Los Santos a chance.

And she’s going to be at the book festival! Get thee to D.C.! Too bad I can’t convince my employer that attendance at the festival should be mandatory . . . Hey, it’s research! And it’s only forty minutes or so away . . . I’ll see what sort of magic I can conjure up . . .

3 thoughts on “National Book Festival . . . or lack thereof

  1. Year of Wonders remains one of my ALL TIME favorites. Brooks’ language was so precise, I could taste the dust in my mouth as it rose up off the cart wheels as they approached the town. She is my absolute hero.

    If only you had Hermione’s Time Shifter you could work AND make it to the Festival.


  2. A Time Shifter would be phenomenal . . . I’m dying to make it to that festival! I’m going to see if I can convince someone to take my Saturday shift, but I doubt anyone else is going to want to give up their weekend freedom. But I can hope! 🙂 Thanks so much for coming by!


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