Quilted class

I absolutely love this quilted pink purse — it’s by Maxx New York (if it matters). The dome shape is super classy and stylish — and since I would have to carry it on my arm, I think that probably makes it even classier! I’m also a fan of the “pop blue,” but I would have to get the pink. Even if it required me to buy an entirely new outfit just to match it.

Looking at purses on QVC is pretty much an addiction for me — plain and simple. When I find myself with five, ten or fifty minutes to kill, that’s usually where I’m going. I’m a huge fan of “easy pay” and the like — buy it now, pay for it over a period of months. Thankfully I’ve been keeping myself from making a purchase that would actually require me to pay for it over a period of months, but that day will probably come eventually. I haven’t ordered one in forever . . . and I’m compensating for that by my constant monitoring of the new arrivals! Hey, in the tight economy we’re all facing, I think it’s back to merely window-shopping (or webpage-surfing) for a while.