Relative (office) isolation

My desk

My desk

One of the strangest things about working in a windowless office is the fact that I have no concept of the passage of time. Whether it’s morning, afternoon, early evening — whether it’s raining, snowing, gloriously sunny — whether the office is packed full of coworkers or relatively abandoned for the day. It’s like being in solitary confinement.

On the bright side, my isolation allows me to, well, fully concentrate on any of the many tasks at hand. Lately this has included (obviously) my many work projects and the development of more and more query letters.

As I’ve blogged before, I sent out a batch of roughly 15 queries over a two week period in early August. More than a month has gone by and I’ve heard back from three — all of whom declined to take me on as a client. So, no worries. I figured that by last Friday, my lack of response from the remaining 12 agents is probably a negative. So I sent out another batch of 10 letters, all via e-mail (which is awesome — and free!) and am hoping gamely that I’ll get a response soon.

In the meantime, still working on the third book — and rearranging my desk. I’ve managed to get it all cluttered up with old project layouts, sales circulars, coupons, highlighters, paperclips and a smattering of miscellaneous scraps of paper . . . and Diet Pepsi Max cans. I’m notorious with the cans.

And had a busy weekend, but haven’t uploaded my photos yet . . . once I have them, I’ll do a nice little tribute to that most captivating of local traditions — the county fair!