Blue Crabs and stadium eating

We got to our third Blue Crabs game of the season last night — and it was a great night for baseball! I made the smart choice of wearing long sleeves, even though I’m wary to give up my flip-flops and crop pants so soon. Along that vein, though, I already had to wear my black dress pants to work this morning — it’s freezing cold in here, and the overcast day isn’t helping.

I like going to baseball games for, well, the baseball — but what do I love about going to baseball games?

The food, of course!

Last night was a lovely quest in stadium eating, including both funnel cake and ice cream. I managed to successfully drench myself in powdered sugar from neck to knee. And the choice of a black shirt was definitely smooth on my part. When it seemed like I didn’t really get quite as messy as I could have, Dad was happy to oblige. Hey, at least it wasn’t windy.

When I’m not enjoying all of the food at baseball games, I’m participating in the random songs they like to pipe through the PA system. My favorite is, of course, “Sweet Caroline” — all because of one of my favorite movies, Fever Pitch. It never gets old! Especially when she gets smacked in the face with the baseball . . . We had one close call with baseballs raining from the ceiling last night, but overall we escaped bodily harm.

Back to the food, though — why is it just so delicious? Part of the issue is probably that, sitting in a smaller stadium, the lovely aroma of hot dogs, popcorn, funnel cake and fries drapes over your seats like an ever-present blanket. You can’t get away from it. And when you like to eat and you have even an inkling of wanting said fries or hot dogs or funnel cakes, you can’t get that thought out of your head. So you sit and wait, watch the game, shift awkwardly in your seat. Until you just can’t take it anymore. You’re up and running over between innings, frantically pulling a wrinkled bill from your pocket, shoving it at the unsuspecting folks manning the concession stands. And when you’re finally seated once more with that delicious food in your lap, the pay-off is outstanding.

This was our last Blue Crabs (and baseball) game of the season — and I’ll miss baseball until its triumphant return next year. But the memory of that funnel cake will keep me warm through the winter!