Ice cream cake dreams

If you’re partying around my house, I don’t think it’s actually a celebration until we whip out the ice-cream cake. Yesterday was my boyfriend’s birthday and we commemorated the occasion in the typical fashion: via Carvel. Though my sister apparently is no longer a fan of the typical Carvel take-home cake (apparently demmed the “Lil’ Love” confection), she still approves of anything cookies & cream. So that’s what we had in honor of Palmer.

Store-bought treats are delicious, of course. And I’ve never been one to really turn down dessert. But I have to state publicly that I firmly believe my mom makes the greatest ice-cream cakes ever — and I need to get her “recipe” (or formation guide?). Growing up, Mom would make the cakes for the triple birthday party we have every year in July (I share a birthday week with both my dad and sister). I couldn’t tell you specifically what exactly goes in the ice-cream cake in an orderly fashion, but I know it usually includes: peanut butter; marshmellows; rainbow sprinkles; cookie-crumble coating; both mint & vanilla ice-cream; M&M candies or equivalent; possibly some form of nut coating on top. And I think there’s some caramel and chocolate drizzle over the top-most layer, though that could be my imagination.

Yes, the frozen ice-cream cakes of my youth were pretty awesome. But that doesn’t mean I still don’t enjoy a ready-to-go Carvel creation as well. Needless to say, all the plates were clean around my table.

Happy birthday, Palmer!