Acting ridiculous in coffee shops — my new specialty

I wandered around in the rain on my lunch break today, hitting up all my usual Southern Maryland afternoon hotspots. It felt good to be up — and walking — outside of the office. I really do like having my own little nook at work, but anyone who’s ever worked a nine-to-five job knows that some days, you really have to just bust loose.

So I had a pumpkin spice latte for the third time in the past week — and it tastes just as good on each occasion! Palmer’s doing well with his no-caffeine routine, but I would never even attempt that. I’m addicted. And, apparently, I’m addicted more and more every day to taking random photos of inanimate objects — I’ve majorly been building my stock photo collection lately.

And the rain ended just as quickly as it started, though it’s been gray all day since then. A good day for hanging out, being silly and acting pretentious in a coffee shop — if only I had more time!

I went ahead and broke out the fall decorations at work today, too. I have my fall leaves and, of course, my foam pumpkin I constructed with my sister last year. Though I’m 23 years old and haven’t worked for a craft store in almost three years, I still love me some random homemade concoctions! I briefly took up woodworking, painting and quasi-jewelry-making while working for a hobby shop my first few years of college. I also expanded my crocheting knowledge, which I still use. But random foam things are my sister’s specialty. We’re both especially fond of making holiday-themed foam finger puppets.

Now, feel the power of the pumpkin.

And yes, my nameplate does identify me as “Miz Suga Spice.” Little known (and probably TMI) fact about me: I have a gold tooth. You can’t see it unless you crane my neck back and peer dangerously into my mouth, but still — it’s there.

Sorry to alarm you!

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