Pink Dooney lust

Okay, I’m already back to the Dooney obsession. This is what happens on pay day Fridays at work — we’re all shopping like crazy. Not that I’m actually prepared to quite shell out the $195 (plus shipping) for this gorgeous pink purse, but I can dream about it!

I love the quilt pattern to this one . . . and, of course, my eye goes straight to anything pink. I’m going to compile a list of all the handbags I’m drooling over so I can make an informed decision when I decide I’m really ready to hand over my plastic for a new one.

My only apprehension in purchasing a “fancy purse” (aside from the obvious cost) is the serious fear of actually damaging the bag in my standard, run-of-the-mill traipsing about town. I’m in and out of my car carrying cans of soda, newspapers, magazines, other totebags, and my lunch so frequently, I hate having to think about whether or not I have newsprint on my hands before I close my fingers around the pristine, gorgeous white straps of a precious Dooney or other such fancy purse. Much to my sister’s chagrin, I’m all about the ease and comfort of what I’m wearing — it needs to look fashionable for work but stay in place, stay clean and stay unwrinkled for as long as possible. I demand the same of a handbag. And when I’m constantly worrying about whether or not the oil from my own fingers will discolor the handle of my purse — which is usually overflowing with random stuff — I consider this quite an inconvenience.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to buy it.