Get the door, it’s — an oven-baked sandwich?

Food drama is the topic of many discussions around my office (see: my post on pot lucks). Everyone wants to know who’s eating what, where they got it from, when and where they’re taking their lunch breaks, who’s getting carry-out today? We have a significant folder and roster of designated, appropriate places we like to order from and, though I often go out and grab lunch with the BF or a friend, I like to stay in the loop of the new hot, hip lunch items around here.

So, in keeping with my recent post on a favorite beverage, I had quite the new experience today: the Domino’s Oven-Baked Sandwich. Two of my coworkers partook in the apparent deliciousness of said sandwiches last week, but I missed out on the heavenly experience the first time. I wasn’t about to let that happen again.

Kelly laid out my options: Italian, chicken parmesan, chicken bacon ranch, Philly cheese steak. All equally delicious. As I’d actually already had lunch today, I was trying to figure out which one will “keep” the best — I’m taking it with me to my part-time job tonight. I voted Italian.

And let me say — this was one great sub! Warm, full of delicious ingredients, appropriately toasted. Kelly and Leslie were singing the praises of the oven-toasted sub, so I figured they had to be serious. We’re all so enthused about them that I think Domino’s should actually give us all a kick-back for our rampant office endorsements. And, apparently, my awesome blog endorsement.

Toast on, Domino’s. Toast on.