New NaNo shirts!

OMG! I’m so excited — I just happened to aimlessly wander over to the NaNoWriMo page, only to discover that the 2008 T-shirts are now available! These are really awesome and, I have to say, infinitely cooler than last year’s shirts. Hey, I still wear mine proudly, but I’m not much on army green. I’m into the blue — and the miniature coffee mug. I can’t wait for November! I have absolutely no idea what I’ll even start to write about, but that’s the sheer joy of it all.

As it stands, I guess I need to surge onward and keep working on my current novel. I have about 90 pages written so far, but somehow I’m running out of steam. I started this book once, wrote about 60 pages, decided I hated it and started from scratch — writing the same story, just further into the “future” for the characters.

I don’t know why I’m not really feeling attached to this one? Obviously I’m striving for continuity, for characters with depth and emotion, and to create something that makes people feel. Right now, all I’m feeling is disoriented. I didn’t come into the book with a plan, and I think that’s really starting to show. I might wind up starting over again? I don’t know. In classic NaNo tradition, I think I need to just keep going — write this book the way I want, then go back and edit the draft however I see fit. The story is starting to tell itself. I guess I’ll just try to roll with that.

4 thoughts on “New NaNo shirts!

  1. Uberness!

    I really want to do NaNo this year (the first I year I have known about it) but guess what? I got a shed load of exams then.

    Aww… gah!

    Anyhow, nice blog… what’s ya novel called? Sounds good!


  2. I’m sorry you’re loaded down with exams… I remember those days, unfortunately! Definitely try to do NaNo anyway — it pretty much changed my life. Haha! That’s a little dramatic of me, but it is really, really fun.

    The new book doesn’t have a title yet… my second book is called “Love for Art’s Sake.” Though I’m not totally sold on that one. Titles are the hardest thing in the world for me!


  3. I didn’t get a shirt–but I have the fabulous coffee cup, which I use to kick myself in the hind end several times a week! It’s a great reminder. Looking forward to this year at NaNo—see you there!


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