Loving the one you’re with — and Maroon 5

As usual, the weekend absolutely flew by — but at least we had some fun! Saturday night was the Maroon 5 / Counting Crows / Sara Bareilles concert out at Nissan Pavilion and, thanks to the trusty GPS, we made it there without any problem. There was a brief moment of tiny terror when Marcello the Garmin told us to take a left when signs for the Pavilion clearly indicated we should go right, but we never should have doubted Marcello. He was spot on!

So the show was great. My sister and I saw Maroon 5 when they opened up for John Mayer back in August 2004, but we weren’t necessarily huge fans then… now, pretty huge fans. They performed all of their hits — “She Will Be Loved,” “Sunday Morning,” “Harder to Breathe,” “This Love” — plus some of the newer songs I love, especially “Won’t Go Home Without You.” Our boyfriends were pretty good sports about the whole thing, even though they had Counting Crows to look forward to. We stayed for most of that show before heading out around 10:30 p.m. Traffic at Nissan is notoriously horrible, and we managed to emerge mostly unscathed — and get back home with no trouble! Coming home from a show in Falls Church in May, I somehow managed to take Kate and I onto 395 . . . without any prayer of finding 495 again. Definitely won’t make that mistake again! And not at 2 a.m.

So Maroon 5 was awesome. I didn’t get that same head-over-heels, suffocating with excitement feeling I get when I go see John Mayer, but that’s just because I have an inexorable crush on John Mayer and listen to his music obsessively. While I’m not necessarily obsessed with Maroon 5 in the traditional sense (I only have room for one serious musical obsession at a time), I do really like them. So we had fun dancing in a few empty rows, generally being silly and eating candied pecans. Yes, candied pecans.

Still waiting to hear back from about six agents concerning my queries. I’m not too concerned — it’s only been about a week since I sent out the last batch. Most agencies said they’d get back to me in two to four weeks . . . I’m still right on track. I tried not to think about it much this weekend . . . that’s more of a work-week dilemma for me.

And now it’s Monday — the day after my aunt’s birthday party. I spent most of yesterday eating really delicious party food, watching the Olympics and reading.

I just finished “Love The One You’re With” by Emily Giffin, and I liked it. I can’t say it changed my life or anything, but it was interesting for any woman who’s ever wondered what life might have been like had they tried to rekindle an old flame. Or, well, not even that — for anyone who’s ever needed closure, I suppose. Lord knows I have. Main character Ellen hasn’t ever really gotten over her ex Leo, her “first love” and one who changed her views on pretty much everything. The thing is that he’s pretty much a jerk and she needs to get over him. He wants her back when she’s in a stable, loving and committed relationship — when she’s married. WTF? Jerk!

But I guess that wasn’t really the point — the point, to me, was that it really comes down to choosing to choose love — and the acknowledgment that we can love and be loved by many people. No two loves are the same. My mom has told me — and I’ve never doubted her — that we can fall in love many times in one life.

And if it turns out we can’t, I’m definitely in trouble.