he certainly doesn’t hurt my interest

This is the first year I can actually remember really sitting down to watch the Olympics — to the point where I’ve stayed up past midnight every night this week to tune into what’s going on.

I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not the biggest fan of sports. And by “biggest fan,” I mean I could generally care less. I do cheer on the Nats with my dad and love to go to baseball games, especially since the Blue Crabs came to town. And I supported my Terps in college, of course. But other than that? I lose interest after the first few innings or quarters or whatever. Yeah, I don’t know much about sports, either. This is all quite shameful considering my dad is an accomplished sportswriter and columnist. But my sports enthusiasm generally doesn’t extend beyond cheering for Teddy to win.

There’s something about the Olympics, though. It’s inspiring. It’s contagious. And, being fiercely patriotic, I love cheering for the U.S. and hearing our anthem played after events. The “Star-Spangled Banner” always makes me tear up a little! I didn’t process how much I love America until we went to England and Italy last year. As absolutely life-changing and incredible as it was, flying back into New York City, then D.C., was like climbing into the warmest, comfiest bed ever — just relaxing and safe.

Oh, and this gentleman doesn’t hurt my interest in the Olympics, either:

whew, boy!

whew, boy!

Michael Phelps is pretty amazing. And he makes it all look so effortless! I get a little freaked out watching them all in the pool — I’m pretty afraid of deep water — but I figure they know what they’re doing. And watching his muscles flexing all over the place is a little distracting… needless to say, I don’t get my writing done at night!

* Photo courtesy Getty Images