leap into query land

Last night I took a leap out into that most terrifying of territories: I sent out my first three query letters for my novel. After tweeking them and harrassing various family members for more than a month to help me make sure I got all the language right in both the actual query, the synopsis and, of course, my manuscript, I just bit the bullet — fingers flying, I found three agents based in New York City who seem like they might be interested in some crazy, quality chick lit.

I thought I would feel incredibly relieved right now. After I made sure I sent a copy of the messages to myself and gamely clicked the “sent” button, a momentary rush of pride and accomplishment flooded my veins. All I feel this morning, though, is terrified.

Because now, I have to wait. And wait.

I entered a fiction contest last January through my bookstore — and the winner received a full publishing deal and associated marketing for their first book. I was one of 200 entrants, and I (naively) believed I had a real chance at winning. And, okay, I guess I had as much of a chance as anyone — maybe more, if I don’t completely suck. And I’m sure more than a few of those novels sucked.

Needless to say, I didn’t win. I should never have expected it to be that easy: I write my first novel since high school; find out about a national competition by fluke; am somehow miraculously eligible for said competition; get my entry in on time. And then wait. For five long, long months.

The waiting game this go ’round should be far shorter. I’m expecting to hear something within the next few weeks… maybe a month. And even then, it’ll most likely be just a request for additional information — or my entire manuscript. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I’ll keep my mind busy with the next book project. I’m excited to start a new novel — I’ve written the beginnings of two others since finishing the one I’m now querying, but I’m not thrilled with the premise of either. Guess I’ll just start typing!

2 thoughts on “leap into query land

  1. Good luck! I’ve got my Manuscript sitting in a three ring binder on the corner of my desk. Every time I get a rejection, I put it in the inside flap of the binder. I’m up to 25 now.

    Getting that returned, stamped envelope in the mail is a thrill. The first one I got, I wrote the publisher back saying “Thank you! You don’t know how relieved I am to get that first one out of the way!”

    Good luck to you, and here’s to hoping that your novel is what the market is screaming for right now.


  2. you just gotta keep trying and i’m sure you’ll find one that will take your story or novel… Gayle Brandeis says that it’s very difficult, especially the first time, to try and get a book to a publisher… good luck, and lets have fun


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