more ‘Breaking Dawn’ mayhem

So it was an awesome but crazy busy weekend, and now I’m struggling to keep my eyes open at my desk. Despite the fact that I’m on my second Diet Pepsi and it’s only 11 a.m., sleep is about all I want right now. And I have six more hours to go!

Ah, cubicle life. Well, I can’t really call it cubicle life — technically I have my own office. But there are three doors that lead into said office, so it’s not exactly private. All the same, that’s probably a good thing. Then the temptation to nap would be far too strong.

So Friday night was the “Breaking Dawn” event at work, and I thought things went extremely well. I made it home from job No. 1 with plenty of time to change, fix my make-up and generally get into the spirit of the evening (complete with sparkly silver hat). I haven’t had a chance to upload any of my pictures yet, but they’re on the way.

We had a great turn out for the event — I would say around 400 people — and all of my events turned out to be really fun. Christina and I came up with a few spur-of-the-moment ideas on judging the costume contest, making a wedding dress for Bella, etc. Overall, we were much more prepared this go ’round after successfully completing the “Harry Potter” book release last summer, and I think all of that preparation went a long way. Our activities were cool and all the attendees seemed to have a good time! I did, too. And, of course, I got my book at the end of the night!

So far I’m on page 600-ish, and the story is rapidly moving along. I absolutely love Stephenie Meyer, but she does have a way of building up a bit of suspense only to have all of the action unfold in the last fourth of the book. “Breaking Dawn” certainly hasn’t been dull, though. Thus far, I’m far from disappointed! All the romance, action and (cough) interaction I’d been hoping for definitely came to fruition. I was up until 12:30 a.m. last night after job No. 2 trying to finish the book, but I fell asleep in the living room with that heavy thing on my chest. Thankfully I’m only working at the office today, so I should be able to get it all read by the end of the night.

And — now playing on a continuous loop in the store on our HDTV — a “Twilight” movie sneak preview!

can\'t wait to see this!

can't wait to see this!

I’ve found myself dawdling over there while carrying a stack of books, staring off into space and reciting the lines to myself. I definitely feel like I’m 12 again. And, to add to all my excitement and craziness, Christina surprised me with a belated birthday present — a “Twilight” T-shirt! So we’re wearing them to the movie, haha. And, yes, the movie doesn’t come out for four months… but that’s of no consequence to me. I’ve waited much, much longer for things (like Becoming Jane on DVD).

Okay, back to work… and more Diet Pepsi.

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