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At Niagara

This 29-year-old writer from Maryland enjoys the chaos of figuring out where she belongs in the world. It’s a big one — and I intend to see all of it!

write meg! is my little corner of the Internet to share thoughts on books, writing, travel, photography, cooking and more. I love talking about life, love, family, food . . . everything, really. Whatever butters my crumpet that day.

A 2007 graduate of the University of Maryland with a B.A. in English Literature, I’m an editor and columnist for three newspapers in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. My personal column reaches more than 50,000 readers in Southern Maryland.

I’m a voracious reader who never leaves home without a book — and I take great pride in also being a wife, sister, daughter, coworker and friend. You could tack photographer, traveler, accidental poet and untalented-but-trying home DIY enthusiast in there, too.

Need to get in touch? There are many ways to reach me, and I can be emailed at writing.meg [at] gmail [dot] com.


New ’round these parts?

When I quit my job as a Borders bookseller in 2008, I wanted a way to keep up with the book world — and continue to share my views on the crazy, amazing and awful books I read. This blog was born — and if you’re interested in the story of write meg!, check out this post. See also my book reviews archive, including the ones I adored and the ones so awful I couldn’t finish them.

Portrait 2If you’re here for the personal stuff, you might be interested in when I met my husband, Spencer. We tied the knot on November 10, 2013. Maybe you’d like to know how we met or the story of our engagement, or check out the wedding day itself. Or perhaps you’d like to learn more about the wedding-planning process (whew, boy)? Grab a comfy seat and a latte — I’ll tell you all about it.

Or perhaps you’re just here for the cupcakes? Check out my recipe index for the treats, meals and sides I’ve shared (and consumed) over the years. The Key lime cupcakes are probably my favorite, and by the way? That’s my most popular post of all time.


About my photos

I bought my first Canon DSLR Rebel T1i in October 2010 and have had a fabulous time figuring out what all those buttons mean. The Tamron 18-270mm is my main lens, though I use a 50mm prime as well. My photography is usually on display on Wordless Wednesdays, and my pictures have been featured on the website for “Good Morning America” and on a book cover. I lead photography tours around Washington, D.C., with Capital Photo History Tours.


A few accolades

In 2010 and 2011, write meg! was shortlisted for “Best Written Book Blog” and “Best Eclectic Book Blog” during Book Blogger Appreciation Week, and I served as a 2010-11 fiction judge for the Indie Lit Awards. In May 2011, I was a panelist at the Book Blogger Convention in New York City. In addition to my work here at write meg!, I was a contributing writer at Food Riot before its close in 2014.