Twosday: Up close & personal



Collecting seashells on our unseasonably warm Saturday
in Colonial Beach, Virginia

Twentieth Street

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12 responses to “Twosday: Up close & personal

  1. This crazy warm weekend was the best!

    • Meg

      Oh, it so was. What a tease. Right now it’s snowing again, these fat flakes falling from the sky . . . and it’s almost March. The worst.

  2. so beautiful! i particularly like the shot of the stones/shells!

  3. Gorgeous. I’d love to sit on that shore and just soak up the beautiful sun. :)

  4. My photos for the link up today are shells as well! I don’t know why, but I love collecting shells. It brings be right back to childhood. Have a great day!

  5. it looks like the perfect day and love those cozy shells. I didn’t realize a seashell could really be cozy right?

  6. I love it. Especially the second image. I’m crazy about pebbles and rocks.

  7. Beautiful! I could use an unseasonably warm Saturday sometime soon :)

  8. Beautiful photos! It looks like such a peaceful spot.