Wordless Wednesday: Wine time at the Grape Discovery Center, Westfield, N.Y.


Grape Belt

Wine corks

Wine list



Grape vinaigrette


Purple flowers

Spencer and me


Wine glasses

Tasty fun in Western New York!

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17 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Wine time at the Grape Discovery Center, Westfield, N.Y.

  1. Love that set of photos. Reminds me I must make a long overdue visit to a vineyard :)

  2. Chaoscream

    Nice set of photos. I visited a vineyard for the first time this year and ti was a very refreshing experience.

  3. Love the photos! I’d love to visit that place sometime. Such an inspiration :)

  4. Lovely photos they look great :)

  5. I bet that was a fun trip!!

  6. Somehow I’ve never realized there are vineyards in NYC?! Need to hit this up!

  7. It looks like you had a great time! I love wine tasting and visiting vineyards. I especially like the second to the last photo–beautiful!

  8. If you haven’t joined us for Wordless Wednesday on The Jenny Evolution, today’s the day to get in on this fun linky! See you there.

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

  9. Beautiful photos. Love all the purple here, in the grapes, your shirt, the flowers.

  10. Gorgeous photos. Looks like a fun day.

  11. mrsgrapejuice

    Do you live in Western NY or just travel out there? My husband hails from Western NY, and we usually go to the vineyards at the Finger Lakes when we visit.

  12. sandynawrot

    I’m feeling a hankering for Napa again…

  13. How fun! September is wine season here in the Midwest too.

  14. I love all your photography on the winery you went to! I am currently 11 days sober, but I love grapes! :)

  15. As always, you clearly have a great eye for little details that will make beautiful pictures! I live in the finger lakes region myself and will hopefully get out to some local wineries soon :)