Ten percent weight loss

weight loss

Who knew losing 10 percent of something could feel so good?

Losing 10 percent of your paycheck? No.

But losing 10 percent of your weight? Something to be celebrated. And after 17 weeks, I hit that milestone Wednesday.

In January, the idea of losing 17 lbs. was daunting. Though I didn’t doubt my commitment to getting healthy, I had a hard time actually visualizing the weight coming off. The scale going down. My energy increasing. It was all too abstract . . . in the beginning, at least. But then I did start slimming down and eating better. Losing dress sizes. Investing in new clothes. Changing my thinking.

In the last month, I’d hovered around the same weight — even gaining for the first time since starting — and was starting to think I’d hit a plateau. Though I wasn’t exactly goofing around with my eating, I have been slooooowly introducing little treats back into my diet. That’s not a problem because, you know, this is real life. If I want to eat a baby Snickers bar, that’s going to happen. No, the real problem was feeling myself backsliding into a “just a little taste” mentality.

Just a little slice of cake.
Just a little bowl of ice cream.
Just a few M&Ms.
Just a handful of chips.

And I would eat them. And I would enjoy them. And life would go on as usual because this isn’t some sort of war against snack foods, you know? But all of those “little tastes” add up — big time. And if I dance around enjoying “just a little” of this or that, I waste the calories I could have used to eat, say, a chicken breast.

Chicken keeps fills you up better than potato chips, y’all. An indisputable fact.

So I reigned myself in. Got myself back in a healthy mentality. Returned to politely demurring in the face of a mountain of sweets and reminded myself that an occasional indulgence is A-OK, but I can’t slip back into a “eat whatever you want when you want it” mindset.

After 17 weeks of Weight Watchers, I’ve officially lost 18.4 lbs. and hit that 10 percent weight loss goal! I remember sitting in our first January meeting, right after I’d been handed my personal goals, and wondering what in the world I would look like with 17 lbs. shed from my short frame. And now I know. And though I’m still going strong, just having hit that magic number feels awesome.

Sorry if I talk about weight loss too much. I swear I’m not becoming That Girl who goes on and on about her eating habits (er, am I?), but this was too exciting not to share.

I’m holding my 10 percent keychain in the second shot, complete with my 16-week charm for sticking with it for four consecutive months. It’s a tangible representation of what makes me feel so good: not the weight loss persay (though losing two dress sizes is fantastic), but the joy I feel at having kept a commitment to myself.

Even when it was challenging.
Even when I didn’t feel like it.
Even when it made me angry.

I did it. And I’m doing it. And I’ll keep doing it.

My personal pride? The real icing on the (low-fat) cake.

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21 responses to “Ten percent weight loss

  1. You look FANTASTIC!!! That is a huge accomplishment and you absolutely should share with us!

  2. Girl, this is SO amazing and inspiring. I too suffer from the “just a little taste” syndrome. You are so impressive!!

  3. You are rockin’ it! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Congratulations! And I totally know what you mean about how the “just a little taste” can add up! Good for you for getting a handle on it!

  5. You look absolutely beautiful (in both pictures but you’re glowing to the right). And certainly celebrate the milestones and take comfort in the fact that others will be inspired by your triumphs. Congrats Meg!!

  6. Heather

    I’ve been paying my monthly WW fee for, er, let’s just say a while now, and not doing anything with it. This may just be enough to get me back on the wagon! Congrats, you look great!!

  7. You look amazing! Congrats to sticking with it–for me that was the hardest part. Thanks for sharing this journey with us!

  8. You are doing such a great job! Good for you!! :D

  9. You look great! Well done and glad you’ve got a good hold on those ‘just a littles’.

  10. You go girl! You look wonderful. I’m very proud of you.

  11. Wow, good for you! You look great! Stay motivated and think of all the pretty clothes you can fit into! Go girl! Best Wishes.

  12. Alexandra Johnson

    Great job Meg…… You should be so proud of yourself.

  13. That’s so awesome! Such an amazing accomplishment.

  14. Congratulations!!! You should be so proud of yourself – you look fantastic!

  15. You look wonderful and it shows!!!! Celebrate this!!

  16. you look amazing! congratulations! it’s something to be proud of!

  17. kay

    Wow, congrats Meg! That’s something to be proud of – and you look amazing on top of it! :D Definitely a proud moment!

  18. LB

    While you look fabulous, I hope you feel so proud of what you did for YOU! You made a goal, accomplished it and FEEL good! How awesome is that?

  19. A Modern Girl

    Amazing! And to think you did all that in just the past few months! You’re definitely inspiring me to stop cheating on my fitness plan. ;)

  20. Woo hoo! You’re doing an awesome job and it’s inspiring to hear about the changes you’re making.