Just a little taste

Menu tasting

I could totally go to food tastings every day.

Well, maybe not every day. But most days. Maybe the ones ending in “-day.” Or something.

Spencer and I had our menu tasting at the venue over the weekend with our awesome wedding coordinator, Jennifer, and I’m even more excited about the big day having sampled a certain apple-glazed chicken that will dance in my memory for a while. Even with saving a cache of my Weight Watchers anytime points, I didn’t go crazy last weekend — and managed to try a little bit of everything without quadrupling my caloric intake. And I totally stayed on plan.

It’s a struggle. But I’m doing it.

In four weeks, I’ve actually lost 7.6 lbs. — a feat I would have thought impossible just a month ago. My favorite dress pants, the ones I bought when I got my first office job, actually fit again. I’m back in my “normal” dress size, the one I wore for about a decade, and actually find that most of my pants are a little baggy. And this is all very exciting!

I have a long way to go — and I realize that the weight won’t continue to disappear with every grape and apple and orange slice. But by making small changes to my eating habits and altering my diet, especially when it comes to portion control, I’m already seeing results — and actually look forward to weighing in each week.

Who would have thought?

Though let’s see how I do at the cake tastings . . . can we say gateway food?



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15 responses to “Just a little taste

  1. Ooooooooooooooooooo funnnnn! And you go girl! You’re doing awesome with your weight loss.

  2. Food tastings do sound like a lot of fun! Congratulations on doing so well with Weight Watchers!

  3. The meatballs in the green pepper are just darling!

  4. The food looks absolutely delicious and such a beautiful presentation! Great job on the weight loss and portion control!! Keep it up!!

  5. I loved the tastings while planning my wedding. I still crave the buffalo we had at our wedding. Can’t seem to get it anywhere else.

  6. sandynawrot

    I am so proud of you! Don’t you feel awesome? The hardest part is getting started, then the next hardest part is sometime in the middle when you hit a plateau (link arms with your man and resist!). And that food looks gorgeous and yummy!

  7. sheeryhall

    COngrats on the weight loss, Meg! The food looks absolutely delicious.

  8. I nominated you for the Very Inspiring and Beautiful Blogger Award.

  9. Wow, that food looks amazing. I hope you found something wonderful. And congrats on the weight loss. It’s a big accomplishment — portion control and making healthy choices can be hard!

  10. ARK

    Good to see you Megan like having a perfect bod like Beyonce…. You can acheive that if you take your weight loss thing seriously. All the best and would really like to appreciate your health consciousness.

  11. Hooray on having healthier habits and opportunities for a little decadent eating!

  12. Good for you! And a fun read, on top of it all.

  13. This looks like a blast. And TOTALLY delicious.

  14. Your wedding food looks amazing! Great job with the diet as well!

  15. Could you do a post on how you’re losing weight? It seems to be working an I’d love to try it out!