Wordless Wednesday: Dreaming of spring

Springtime blooms

Cherry blossom

White blooms


With unseasonably warm temperatures in Maryland today
(70 degrees! In January!), I’m totally ready for springtime.
Good thing February is a short month.

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24 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Dreaming of spring

  1. I love cherry blossom, so thankyou for this lovely view

  2. Lucky you. Enjoy that warmth! I’m ready too.

  3. Lovely pictures. Have a nice wednesday!

  4. If those photos are from this year then I am incredibly jealous! In recent years our crazy weather has made daffodils arrive at random times so it hasn’t been so much an introduction into spring but summer. But it’s all good. I love that first photo!

    • Meg

      Not yet, unfortunately — these are from the last two springs. I’m very excited to see the seasons change, though the 70-degree day we’re enjoying today isn’t too shabby!

  5. Stunning, absolutely stunning! Enjoy that warmer weather!!!

  6. petasvintageblog

    Just amazing photography xx

  7. Love the pictures. I can’t wait for spring. I’m ready for winter to be over.

  8. It feels like spring here already! I’m wondering where winter is.

  9. Your pictures are gorgeous. I can’t wait for spring as well. I am loving the mild temperatures in PA the past few days. I think it’s going to be in the lower 60s here–70 degrees in MD? Jealous! I could get used to this! :)

  10. Beautiful photos! I love dogwood blossoms.

  11. sandynawrot

    I remember when I lived up north, we would go into a real funk in February. It is after the holidays, but at least a good month or two before we might hit a temp in which we could justify shorts. Looks like you might not have to wait that long…these flowers are gorgeous.

  12. As always, stunning. Thanks for sharing some lovely cheer — it is miserably gray and rainy here in Boston today!

  13. And I am dreaming of snow!
    Ok, not at the moment, since I am in cancun.

  14. How absolutely gorgeous!! This makes me super excited about spring.

  15. Can’t get here fast enough for me!

  16. I’ll even take the rain that comes with early spring.

  17. The weird back-and-forth weather has me ready for spring, too!

  18. Gorgeous!!
    I am SO ready for spring – this crazy weather is really annoying the crap out of me. After a week of temps ranging from 30 to -10, we shot up to 60 yesterday, went back to 30 today, and it’s supposed to drop down to 0 by the end of the week. Ugh. Pick a season, please!

  19. kay

    Gorgeous pictures Meg!

  20. Lovely Flowers! Off topic…I love your blog layout. I have been looking for a new look for my blog, something I do every year…You have given me the inspiration I needed. Cheers!

  21. Oh I LOVE these! Yes. I’m ready for spring too.

    Missed you at Wordless Wednesday Bloggers (www.wordlesswednesdaybloggers.blogspot.com). Hope you’ll join us!

  22. Ah, thank you! I needed this breath of spring to melt the chill of 8 inches of snow :)